Dr Phil Tyson Mediation Employment Disputes in Manchester North West
Dr Phil Tyson Manchester mediation for individual and team employment disputes

"I was really impressed ... Phil was able to bring a very difficult staffing dispute to a successful resoution for all concerned" Ben HR Manager.


Individual and Team Mediation for the Resolution of Conflict and Employment Disputes in Manchester and the North West.

Mediation is rapidly becoming a must have service for the resolution of conflict at work and employment disputes ... but not all organisations have the skilled mediators in house to do the work.

For employers mediation offers the following benefits:

1. It is fast. Mediators work quickly and the conflict or dispute is usually mediated within two weeks of first contact.
2. It works. Statistically over 80% of mediations bring resolution to the conflict or dispute on the day of the mediation (or soon thereafter).
3. It is cost effective. Dismissing an employee, defending a case in a tribunal, or a valuable employee leaving, are all costly in terms of time and money.  Mediation is cost effective compared to the alternatives for many conflicts or disputes.
4. In many cases tribunals are pleased when mediation has been offered. In fact costs may not be awarded in some cases, even if you win the case, if mediation has not been offered.

For employees mediation offers the following benefits:

1. Employees control the process. Once unions, tribunals or solicitors become involved, the employee loses control of the process.
2. Employees control the outcome. The mediator does not take sides, so the employee keeps control of the mediated outcome.
3. It is confidential.  As an outside person the mediator holds the confidentiality of the process, keeping the employees concerns private.

Of course there are many mediators working in Manchester and the North West.  Each mediator brings a different skill mix to their work. My professional training is as a psychotherapist.  I have specialised in working with couples and with men. I know how men and women respond under stress, and have the skills to manage this effectively.  I am also an experienced group facilitator and have a solid understanding of how teams work.

In addition to my skills as an individual and group psychotherapist, I also have an understanding of industrial psychology and sociology, and am experienced as a manager and supervisor. You can read a fuller biography of me here.

Given my background, I am uniquely able to work with a range of people, from diverse backgrounds, and across a wide spectrum of organisational contexts.  Understanding mental health issues also means I am suited for cases where parties may be particularly distressed or vulnerable. 

I offer my mediation services in Manchester, the North West and further afield if needed.  I offer mediations for both individuals and teams.

Please feel free to contact me informally to discuss your mediation needs.


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